Preventing Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol

My Baby's Breath Program

For additional information on this program call 612-749-3249.

What We Know

Alcohol is a teratogen.

What is My Baby's Breath?

Self-administered, monitored breathalyzer testing for alcohol

Who is elegible for the My Baby's Breath Program?

Alcohol-involved expectant mothers-to-be, with teenage pregnancies a priority.

How can someone be placed in My Baby's Breath Program?

Assessment showing alcohol use during pregnancy required

Cost of the Program

Healthy Brains for Children is committed to raising the cost of the program through donations and other sources. Any contribution from your agency or program will allow HBC to provide the program to more alcohol-involved pregnant women.

Priority Placement

Alcohol-involved pregnant teenagers under 18. Our goal is to raise enough money to provide the service for every woman who is pregnant and drinking alcohol. Until such time, we will use a priority ranking to determine who is placed on the program.